The Role Of E-Business

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E-business stands for electronic business. The role of E-business is conducting the business via the electronic by synchronizing all the supply chain to make the process more efficient and get to fulfill more customer demand. It could reduce the cost of production, expands the business by giving support from business to business. While, E-commerce is the process of transferring money which is different from e-business, so e-commerce is being considered as a part of e-business.

Electronic business (e-business), the use of Internet-based computing and communications to execute both front-end and back-end business processes – has emerge as a key enabler to drive supply chain integration. As an overarching business concept, e-business has received increasing attention from academics and practitioners alike. E-business solutions in general are seeking to enhance supply chain effectiveness and efficiency through the automation of business processes. The adoption of e-business can result in benefits such as higher transparency, reduced transaction, manufacturing and other cost, reduced
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For example, commercial banks began to use electronic funds transfers to speed up payment. In1970’s and 1980’s, e-commerce expanded significantly within the business sector, while governments attempted to improve information exchange and security. Late 1980’s and early 1990’s, online services have been emerged, using first-generation news, email, and chat capabilities. In the year 1995’s, the browser and its key associated with protocol, also known as HTTP, are commercialized, turning the “home page” into an important component of corporate marketing. In late 1990’s, Dot-coms phenomenon began with the use of Web as their primary channel for product distribution, proliferate and challenge established
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