The Role Of Economic Development As Measured Through Levels

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Gender inequality has been and is still a problem being faced worldwide. It has inhibited the social, economical, and political growth of women in all different nations, especially third-world countries.There are various implications that change the level of inequality such as education, culture, religion, democratization of countries, years of independence, and most importantly, economic development. (Dollar & Gatti, 1999). This paper is examining the role economic development as measured through levels GDP (low, medium, high) plays in the level of gender empowerment in a country. After reading various studies, I have concluded that when regarding “gender empowerment” it is specific to the empowerment of women It is hypothesized that increased economic development will display higher levels of gender empowerment. The following three literature reviews will demonstrate and support the hypothesis. The first article, Gender Inequality, Income, and Growth: Are Good Times Good for Women? by David Dollar and Roberta Gotti, is a cumulated work that was published by The World Bank under the Development Research Group. Dollar and Roberti addressed three specific questions that they felt were strong factors in the implications economic development brought upon gender empowerment. The questions were constructed in efforts to respond to the macroeconomic data revealed through its answers. The questions are: 1. Is lower investment in girls’ education simply an efficient economic
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