The Role Of Education In The Development Of The Self

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The role of education in society and in the development of the Self, is to allow an individual to develop both sociologically and psychologically. A transfer of knowledge is a necessity, but purpose of education should be to motivate the students to choose a way to live that benefits them the most as an individual. Most of the issues with past and some current education systems come a teacher who simply deposits knowledge onto students and doesn’t give them any room to expand upon it or ask questions.
Psychological development is one of the most important goals of education. Schools should enrich the skills and knowledge that students developed in early life. Education is not only meant to prepare students for the future, but also to help them learn how to live right now. It should help them to take control of their own mind and be in command of their lives. (Source C)
As much as a teacher tries they will never be able to take ownership of a student's mind, not completely. Manipulation is not uncommon by someone with knowledge and in a position of power. Higgins tired to manipulate Eliza in all sorts of ways. And at first she fell for it but she soon learned that she too had power because she had knowledge. But once someone is given knowledge, they have the ability to do with it whatever they’d like. So once a person is educated they will have control of their own consciousness. (Source E).
From a societal point of view education should exist to help students focus
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