The Role Of Employee Motivation And Employee Performance

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OVERVIEW Globalization has affected the business environment in various ways. A lot of organizations have been changed from the traditional hierarchical structures to decentralized structures. In today’s dynamic environment, employees’ priorities and needs have continued to change among diverse generations and demographics. These changes highlight the importance of understanding the vital roles employees play in the organization, what is important to them and how to motivate them today more than ever. Identifying and understanding these could help improve employees ' performance at the workplace in order to reduce turnover rates and attain sustainable competitive advantage. This study aims to investigate factors that motivate today’s employees, possible relationship between employee motivation and employee Performance as well as factors that might underlie such a relationship. In this Review of Literature section, I will introduce broad definitions of employee motivation, the theories of motivation that are relevant to this study and various factors that motivate employees. I will also address possible relationship between employee motivation and Performance as well as reasons why some motivation strategies fail. WHAT IS EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION Halepota (2005) defined motivation as “a person’s active participation and commitment to achieve the prescribed results” (p. 16). He further pointed out that the concept of motivation is abstract because different strategies produce
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