The Role Of English On The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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Background of the Project

The role of English in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Languages have a prominent status in all societies and in all developed and developing countries. The languages take this status because they are devices for communicating between humans. In many countries, there is more than one language that the people speak. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for example, the Arabic language is the official language in the country, and the English language is the second language that the citizens speak. The English language has a remarkable role in various sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
First, the English language has an important role in the education system. Dr. Al-Seghayer points out (2012), “It is the
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Alhaisoni & Rahman (2013) state, “English language is playing an important role in both electronic and print media in Saudi Arabia” (p.114). The country has many TV stations, and one of these stations has all English content. Also, it has a radio station, which has many English programs. Finally, English has a big role in the employment system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-seghayer (2012) asserts, “competence in and knowledge of English opens doors for Saudi citizens and gives the rank-and file employees” opportunity for advancement (p.2). The country has many private companies that are established by foreign people who speak the English language professionally, and they are demanding employees who speak and write English. So, English is important to employment in Saudi Arabia.
History of English teaching and methodology: Teaching English in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has undergone several changes. The starting of teaching English was in 1925 (Liton, 2012). This starting point was different between public schools and private schools. First, the government established public schools, and the Ministry of Education managed them. As a result, these schools do not charge any tuition to the people who live in Saudi Arabia. The English language was taught from seventh grade to twelfth grade in public schools. The method of teaching English in public schools
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