The Role Of External Factors Affecting An Organization

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INTRODUCTION Strategic business planning can be defined as a set of plans and procedures that is carry out by the company to fulfil the goals and objectives of the company within the pre-determined and pre-set time log and also helps the company to identify the resources and approaches that are essential for the growth and development of the company and to achieve the goals and objectives. NOKIA is world’s biggest retailer of the mobile phones from its establishment period. It has it’s headquarter in Finland. At present the main competitors of NOKIA are apple iPhones and because of this reason the market share of NOKIA has decreased. To overcome this problem NOKIA declared its alliance with Microsoft in February 2011. NOKIA is engaged in…show more content…
Stakeholder’s analysis helps in identifying: • Individuals, groups or organisations involved in project design and implementation. • Role they play at which stage • Build the relationship • Who to inform and consult about the project Steps used in analysis process: Step1. Identify stakeholders: The first step in this process is brainstorming means that are the stakeholders of organisation and who are affected by your work or who have influenced or power over it. Step2. Prioritize your stakeholders: Initial list of stakeholders will be very long that are affected by organisation’s work. Some of these have power of block or advance or some of them are interested in what organisation do. One method you can use to give position them on matrix and which indicating relevant affect and importance. This matrix can also be used in monitoring tool during implementation. Organisation can give the priority according to this matrix or map: • People with high power and high interest must fully engage and must great effort to satisfy them. • People with high power and less interest require great effort to satisfy but with more pressure they intend to get bored. • People with low power and high interest require regularly informed so that no major issues will be arise. • People with low power and low interest need monitoring at constant time but do not bore them with excessive communication. 1.3 analysis of the
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