The Role Of Family Structure And Youth Essay

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News and media outlets have observed an increase in delinquent crimes committed by children under the age of 18. What causes a child to embark on such destructive paths at such young ages? Children are our future; they must be raised well to become the next Einstein, Oprah, Obama and etc. Raising a child starts within the home. Not all families are nuclear families consisting of a mother and father. Some families are single parent families where there is only one parent or even extended families, meaning daughters, sons, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and so on. Families go through many trials and tribulations. Some events can be tremendously disruptive for everyone within that family or household.

According to Kierkus and Hewitt (2009)“Children raised in traditional, two-parent families experience a lower risk of delinquency than children from alternative family types” (p. 123). This information ascertains a definite relationship between family structure and youth engaging in delinquency. Why is it that certain youths from traditional families engage in less delinquent behaviors than youth in non-traditional families?

A compilation of data from the National Survey of Adolescents (NSA) in the United States will be used to find the answer to this troubling question. The survey was done in 1995 and its focus was to develop a better understanding of whether these six variables gender, social economic status, age, race, family size, and place of residence…
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