The Role Of Family Unhealthy For The Child Essay

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Not only are children more susceptible at accepting this abuse, they are at risk for many different factors that can stop them from having a normal life. It makes the roles of the family unhealthy for the child, by harming the mother/child bond by the child trying to cope with their mother’s abuse (Cunningham & Baker 10). There are many consequences to a child just witnessing the abuse that happens within a home. Even if these children do not feel the physical pain of the violence going on in their household, so much is damaged within the child, such as self-esteem, self-confidence, and being able to bond normally within family dynamics.
There are many factors that can be changed within a child be witnessing violence, and black children more likely to deal with these issues, due to the fact the black women would rather keep their violence within their families than to bring the outside world involve, especially the police— “the family secret”.
A reason that attributed to black women and the violence committed towards them being a hidden struggle for most of these women is because of “the lack of cultural competence”. Bent-Goodly then goes to quote Allard and Hill-Collins saying,
“Negative stereotypes or myths are often at the heart of a service provider 's lack of cultural competence (Allard, 1991). One stereotype is that of the strong African American woman, who can sustain anything, has no fear, and can easily protect herself (Hill-Collins, 1991)”. -Bent-Goodly,
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