The Role Of Fashion During The 1920 ' S

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The 1920’s was a time of great change. (Some changes that happened during 1920s were the nation 's wealth doubled, more americans lived in the cities, advancements in technology, and women being able to vote.) One big change that occurred during the 1920’s social shift was the fashion industry. Fashion is something that reflects the beliefs and social standards of that time. This industry, along with others, had an immense boom during the 1920s. The evolution of fashion during this decade is described as “... abandoning fussiness and unnecessary details” (Anne McEvoy). Fashion played an important role in the 1920s, for it was a reflection of a period of escapism, women’s independence, a relaxation of morals and standards, and the evolving…show more content…
Women were looking to become their own person, they wore comfortable and colorful clothing, they worked, and they went to parties. For once they wanted to live for themselves. A flapper is one women most people associate with the 1920s.“ Flappers were generally young women who bobbed their hair (cut it short). They wore short, loose-fitting dresses and enhanced their faces with makeup”(Cynthia Johnson and Lawrence W. Backer). Being a flapper was one way women could be independent and not be highly criticized for.
“Flappers weren’t just recognized for the fashionable clothes, it described their unconventional attitudes and behavior”( Anne McEvoy). Flappers and young women in the 1920s used fashion as a way to speak for them, wearing certain things to let other people know that they wanted to be more free and modern as a society. Flappers and young women weren 't the only women who wanted change, older women wanted change too, by fighting for their right to vote. They also used fashion to reflect what they were fighting for. ”Many liberated suffragettes wore bright red lipstick as a symbol of their newfound voices”( by Cynthia Johnston and Lawrence W. Backer). Women 's independence was one of the biggest social changes that occurred.
Women and men started to become more laid back and relaxed about the high expectation that were expected from the older generations.”On both sides of the Atlantic life was now fun, one
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