The Role Of Father Absence On Children 's Lives

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In the Western world nearly half the marriages end up in divorce breaking the backbone structure of the family. The two primary attachments of a child, the mother’s love and security and the father’s engagement in challenging experiences, are both essential in the healthy emotional development (La Guardia, Nelson & Lertora, 2014). Children of divorcees or unwed single parents are robbed of the opportunity to go to sleep in the assurance of both mother and father in the home. In the U.S. an estimated 25 million children live in families without their father (U.S. Census, America’s, 2015). Growing up in fatherless families is an epidemic that has considerable negative financial, psychosocial, educational and physical effects on the children’s lives (Blackenhorn, 1995; National Center for Fathering, The consequences, n.d.). Father absence is a major contributor to delinquency, premature sexuality, teen pregnancy, depression and substance abuse (Popenoe, 1996; Carlson, 2006 & National Center for Fathering, The consequences, n.d.). The research focuses on children without biological fathers, but does not consider the strength of family community, other influential male figure in the child’s life or what cultural ideals the family enforces. Nonetheless, the recognition of the important role of both parents is evident and researchers urge for the awareness to the negative consequence of the absence of one parent. The developmental effects of father absence are different in boys…
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