The Role Of Federal Government Plays On The Food Regulation And Safety

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The role the federal government plays in the food regulation and safety is controversial. Some believe that it’s against their constitutional right for the government to step in and have a say on the food they consume. On the other hand, some believe that it’s part of the government’s job to regulate the food industries and provide health regulations to protect the society. The country is divided based on when the government should intervene when it comes to many topics such as the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, Nutrition Content Claims, Meat Inspection, and Dietary Supplement Regulation.
The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act became a public law on December 13, 2010 when the Senate and the House of Representatives passed the act (1). However the act has become more popular recently based on Michelle Obama’s involvement trying to get a more nutritious menu in the school cafeteria. The U.S Department of agriculture is the agency with jurisdiction over this act. The legislation grants money to the USDA to oversee the policies of the children nutritional programs such as: the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program (2). The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act addresses the issue of lunch prices and the revenue of the foods that are sold in school cafeterias (3). This law states that all school food authorities (SFAs) are now taking action in the National School Lunch program that offers the same financial opportunity to all students, whether the child is not eligible
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