The Role Of Finance And Management Information Systems

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I chose Rowan because it has an exceptional business school, has an affordable tuition and because it is also less than two hours away from where I live in Northern New Jersey. I have had an interest in business ever since I ran my first lemonade stand in first grade. From there, I went to buy and sell airsoft hobby guns, run my own landscaping business for seven years, and even work at a local bike shop for three years. I have a passion for making, saving and growing my personal capital. I chose to become a marketing major because I wanted to learn the fundamentals of business and learn to become a professional advertiser and salesman. I think that two appropriate majors to pair, or double in would be finance and management information systems (MIS) with a possible minor in entrepreneurship. Finance is an industry with a 16% job growth as of 2012 ( 1). With a promising outlook such as this, one could secure a job in a position as a financial advisor, financial analyst sales executive among many other positions. According to Rowan University’s undergraduate admission office, “graduates have found positions with organizations such as J. P. Morgan, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, TD Bank, Lincoln Financial Group, Wells Fargo Advisors, State Street, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, ING Financial Partners, Wells Fargo Advisors, Merrill Lynch” ( 1). In New York City, a finance major can expect to make between $48,479 to $101,014 a year out of college
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