The Role Of Financial Resources On The War Of The United States

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More than a decade ago, the united States have been involved in several international conflicts. While the country was still struggling financially, the participation to these conflicts brought the country more difficult hardships. The engagement of the US in different War caused not only unnecessary financial hardship, but also considerable emotional issues. The meaning of this action relate directly to the use of all possible source including social and financial. The need to use financial resource towards the war overcame important issues that required the same resources within the country. Until now the casualties of such useless enterprise are the reason for the 0ngoing government issues.
Going to war does not just mean playing the
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In that situation families are left with women to provide and protect the household, as they now have to live by themselves and the children. Families that reside in unsafe neighborhood face high risk of rubbery and kidnaping. The anxiety and mental struggle of children of service members is heart breaking, because of the fear of a potential future without the guidance of their father. These families tune up news in hope to hear good outcomes about their loved one. Some of them unfortunately have to deal with the gap left by the peers as they become permanent. They now have to move on in grief while continuing the struggle with their daily routine. The absence of military members does not only have repercussions in the families but also affect the communities. This is a reduction of valuable capable men, it is a workforce that could be use to create and improve the communities. The lost of communities leader, and good professional or entrepreneurs for the cause of war is a set back for those communities. Its delays work already in progress and caused lost of jobs as the city or state replace the workforce in order to meet the deadline. The lucky ones that return from deployments end up jobless and possibly homeless. At the end of the day, going to war means putting the citizen of the country at risk and difficult hardship, it is creating new issues that need to be addressed by the use of financial resources.
Beside the emotional issues associated with the war, there
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