The Role Of Fisheries, Tourist Operators And Other Stakeholders Towards Sustainable Development Of Coastal Areas

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Exploring the role of fisheries, tourist operators and other stakeholders towards the sustainable development of coastal areas in the Philippines Mae Abano T00247508 Nov. 13, 2014 TMGT 4020 Introduction The Philippines is an archipelagic country located in Southeast Asia. The Philippines is composed of 7,100 islands bestowed with rich coastal resources and marine diversity (Balgos, 2005). With rich coastal resources, Filipinos made coastal fishing activities its main livelihood. On the other hand, tourism is also seen as a growing industry in the coastal areas. This has resulted in the degradation of socio-ecological coastal areas in the Philippines. Because of this problem, it is important for the stakeholders to clearly…show more content…
For example, the policies being implemented that affect coastal shores and resources, and the strategies that will help minimize the damage around it. Purpose Statement The objective of my research paper is to describe the challenges from the rapid growth of tourism-related development and other multiple land uses that have resulted in conflicting land use and resource management between the fisheries and resort operators in the coastal areas of the Philippines. If possible, a hybrid case study can be conducted through doing a questionnaire administered by e-mail with two experts in the field of in the Philippines to assess the situation regarding the current policies, land use and resource management. Furthermore, a proposed framework of policies from secondary research can be examined if it is possible to be applied with the current situation along the coastal areas of the Philippines. Further exploration of this research is valuable for the fishermen, tourist operators and other stakeholders to clearly identify their roles and responsibility that should prevent issues between them and to help with the preservation and conservation of the environment along the coastal areas. Currently, the environment and the resources of the Philippines are depleting because of “overfishing, destructive fishing, sedimentation and disposal of untreated waste” (Parras, 2001). That leads to damaging physical environment and resources Here is the
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