The Role Of Fracking In Hydraulic Fracturing

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One of these factors is water consumption. Water is a precious resource for all of humanity, people need it to survive, and with water shortages all over the world its a resource people should not misuse. Batteries overtime dissipates the water that is in them due to heat and evaporation. So a consumer, after a period of time, will need to fill the batteries with water, just like maintenance of a standard non-electric vehicle. Furthermore experts have stated, “A new study by University of Texas researchers found that switching cars from gasoline to all-electric or plug-in hybrid would cause three times more water usage than what oil refineries would normally consume.” Which means, not only do you have to fill it up to cool the batteries, but…show more content…
Fracking is a practice done by natural gas companies to obtain gas. The explanation of fracking in Hydraulic Fracturing: A Critical Physical Geography Review, is summarized as “Shale gas development combines two long-established but rapidly advancing technologies: hydraulic fracturing, in which millions of gallons of water treated with chemical additives and sand are injected into subsurface formations at high pressure to break up the rock so that trapped oil and gas can flow, and horizontal drilling, in which the well bore can be pivoted horizontally to follow the contours of oil and gas producing layers of rock. Together, these two technologies allow energy companies to exploit gas and oil formations that were previously uneconomical to tap, catalyzing both large upward revisions in oil and gas reserves estimates, and a dramatic shift in the geographical distribution of energy production in the US.” The controversial part of this process is where chemical additives and sand are injected into the ground, and because of this there are a very black white stance on the topic. Most of the rhetoric used is either pro or anti-fracking. The anti-fracking movement claims that this process is hurting the environment and contaminating water supplies around the United States. While the fracking movement sees it as a clean, new way to get natural gas from within the U.S. Like anything there is trade offs for doing it, on one side we needed natural gas to power the American people’s lifestyle and on the other we need to protect the environment because we do not yet know the effects of fracking. The narrative used on both sides are highly
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