The Role Of Gap Years Essay

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The role of gap years to earn a higher education is a controversial idea. Many people feel it is important to take on Europe 's natural participation in the gap year after high school. For countless years, Europeans have practiced gap years before college to help a graduate grow. Prince William of Europe took his beneficial gap year, helping the idea to spread to America (Kelly para. 1) British influences have been leading America to a stronger future, and taking a gap year after high school is now being adopted by the States. Certain students participating in the gap year enhance their emotional and physical states before entering college. Also, some believe that taking a gap year will influence the student to reject a higher education. On the other hand, taking a gap year after high school can be expensive, but the experiences you receive from it are priceless. Based on these different perspectives, I most closely agree with the fact that taking a break from school before jumping into a higher education can help a graduate grow and find themselves. Many people believe taking a gap year after high school will discourage a higher education because the student is not likely to go back to school after taking a break. Due to this thought, parents of new graduates are not openly supportive of gap years. Cases of students who take a gap year and do not pursue a higher education are the ones thrown into the spotlight. The wide concern of students giving up their
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