The Role Of Gay Parenting

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Traditional families are the way to go, no one wants to see two girls or two guys together and a homosexual couple especially bringing a child into the mix and having the child go through all the rough times that they went through as an adult. Gay and lesbian parenting is an accepted problem that people watch occur every single day, and that should not have to see. The role of gay parenting is ruining; the traditional family aspect of a childhood, the way the children are treated in schools, and it also is a threat to religion. The way people live today should be the traditional way of the families and children should be brought up, and not by lesbian or gay parents so that the kids would not have a mom or a dad and the way that would make physically and emotionally make their lives harder. Gay parenting is a selfish thing that goes on way too often, that is against moral and religious rule. Selfish in the sense that they do not think of the children that they are bring into the environment. The children have to control in what type of environment they are being brought into, so why bring them into a corrupted relationship.
One of the on­going problems in todays society is children of lesbian and gay parents being more likely to have social problems. Social problems are more likely to happen with gay parenting and can possibly lead to children being bullied and tortured at school. “Children of gay and lesbian parents are more likely to suffer from emotional and social…
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