The Role Of Gender Equality In The United States

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Demand for gender equality rights happened throughout history when women had very little independence and rights since then. Unfairly, they had less wage than men, little to no political involvement, received little education, and etc. In current time, people won’t see much of gender inequality depending on where you live. It’s because historical events changed people’s view and the government has been trying to improve equal status to both genders in our country; the United States of America. The federal government and the state governments has been involved in discussions and debates about this issue. They had been passing laws in order to equalize their rights. So far, the government came a long way in recognizing and protecting women’s…show more content…
They were seen as inferior to men and treated as one and had no protection over their rights. Importantly, they were not able to easily get jobs, receive education, contribute to politics, and gain independence. To exhibit and expand women’s capability, Women’s Rights Movement had begun in 1848 in the U.S. In this movement, both women and few other men started by outlining the movement and calling for equal treatment and the right to vote. An organization called the National Woman Suffrage Association, formed by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton during the movement, their goal was to have women’s voting rights in the Constitution. Later on, states started to pass women’s suffrage laws and adopt an amendment granting women right to vote. In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment, the right to vote, was signed into the Constitution. Yet, there were still gender distinction. For example, a woman would lose their citizenship if she married a non-American, including her children. But that was until 1934. As time went by, rules of women, race, and religion discrimination were banned in U.S. and laws helping and protecting them were made in many…show more content…
Looking back in history, the states helped women gain their rights by making and enforcing laws. They could keep continuing what they were doing. The states should voice the people’s opinion and deliver it to the federal government, then together, make a satisfying and reasonable conclusion. Letting the federal government alone to resolve the gender equality rights would make some of the states troubling and letting the state governments would be unstable and makes it seem like the states have more power on controlling people’s equal rights. Hopefully, the time when all the genders are treated fair would
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