The Role Of Gender Roles On Masculinity And Femininity

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Firstly, one of the aspects of gender role is the distinction of roles based on masculinity and femininity or sex and gender. Before Blanche’s arrival, for Stanley being the masculine and the head of the house who is in absolute control and Stela being the woman of the house who takes care of the house: their relationship was happily as both know their part and were comfortable with it. As a motif, Stanley brings the food symbolizing that he is the man of the house and Stella cooks the food that Stanley provides and in this simplicity, their role is clear and defined. As Stanley and Stella conversing; STANLEY. Catch! STELLA. What? STANLEY. Meat! (Williams Scene 1)
The action when Stanley throws the meat to Stella and then she catches it, proofs that the concept of gender role where the man of the house dominates, works and brings the food to the table and the woman cooks and prepares it; exists in the family of Kowalski. Therefore, obviously, the reader can understand that at this point of the play, everything is going well for Stanley and Stella with their clearly defined line of gender role and they are happy in each one’s position in the societal norms.
After Blanche came to New Orleans to live with her sister and brother-in-law, she started crossing the line by criticizing Stanley and not approving that Stanley is the dominant and the head of the house. When Blanche asks “You men with your big clumsy fingers. May I have a drag on your cig? (Williams Scene 2). And
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