The Role Of Government In An Autocratic Government

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In an autocracy government, power is ruled by one person and the leader has an absolute authority over politics and business sectors. If businessmen invest their money in any business, the head of the government must be satisfied, who is the autocratic leader, otherwise it would be no way to survive. Unfortunately, today some parts of the world still struggling having autocratic leaders and their people are in turmoil in terms of investing because there is not a stable government. However, some argue that autocratic governments are stable environments for business because since one person has the control and the leader might not get involved for levying mass taxes on businesses or monopolizing business sector. On the contrary, business has grown up in democratic nations for the last decades since, businessmen are stable in democratic nations. In this essay, I talk about different points of views of scholarly writers whom they believe which government system is a better environment for business. Facts and analysis will determine the betterment of business in democracy or autocratic?
Since three and half decades, the democratic nations are moving forward in terms of business environment, and autocratic nations are declining, that is based on Center for System Peace a non- profit organization which surveys wars and business around the globe. This indicates that uprising which had happened in some parts of the world, especially countries who were under Soviet Union

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