The Role Of Government In Beowulf And King Arthurs Society

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Although the role of the government found in Beowulf and in King Arthurs societies had basically the same functions (to protect the people from invasion and provide safety and order within the community), each government was set up with some drastically different ideologies. The ideologies that perhaps governed the formation of each government were defined easily by the time periods in which each work was written. Both governments describe leaders (Kings) who are honorable and kind to their people, however each government faced separate challenges for daily life and the survival of the people. Beowulf’s government consisted of a king and his warriors. The people served their king and paid social dues or taxes with the fruits of their…show more content…
The story of Beowulf demonstrates well the type of lives the people of this time era lived. W.J. Courthope, and English educator, notes that during the story of Beowulf “…nothing can be more careless and casual than the references to the heroic exploits, the family relationships, and the tribal feuds of the persons and nations mentioned in the course of the story.” (1) Courthope believed that Beowulf was a work that’s true intentions were at the root of beginning to introduce Christianity to the Anglo-Saxon people of this time, and he readily supports this to have been “a work of oral literature by a Christian minstrel-poet that provides a valuable reflection of Teutonic life … it has been necessary to say in support of the proposition that Beowulf is to be regarded as a sample of the minstrelsy prevailing among the Anglo-Saxons before their conversion to Christianity.” (1) This is a stark contrast from the government system demonstrated in the story about King Arthur, and how the everyday lives and the role of the leadership or government systems had changed over time. In King Arthur, Christian religion plays a much more important role in the establishment of the communities with a centralized governing

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