The Role Of Group Dynamic : Group Formation And Structure, Conflict And Leadership

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This analysis paper will examine and investigate the three vital precinct of group dynamic: group formation and structure, conflict and leadership. The point of the exercise is for student to work in small groups amid class session, to comprehend and apprehend the idea of group dynamic and demonstrate the interpretation of it. The reason for this paper is to analytically assess the members of group 13 (The Pink ladies) in terms of deportment by reviewing their individual encounter and associating them to theoretical study and premise. The Pink ladies comprised of four members : team member A, female undergraduate in Psychology major, team member B, female undergraduate in psychology major, team member C, female undergraduate in psychology…show more content…
The norm that set out was that all members congregate at the middle back of the class to deliberate solution to inquiry that was given by the lecturer. And the responsibility was divided among all the members and finished in class. The only definitive norm that the pink ladies stated out was that every member must communicate with the group if going to be late or absent. This norm was established when all the members of the pink ladies was available. All norm that was established in pink ladies enacted a significant part for all the team members: they facilitated the members to work successfully and finished task on time with minimal effort. Fact-finding done by Postmes, Haslam, and Swaab (2001) examined the outcome that team members have on the possession of in-group norms. In this research, entrant inside the same group earned dissimilar primes: partly the group’s member were primed with productivity, the other partly received an objective prime. The aim of this employ was to demonstrate that those group members who were not primed will, over time, be impacted by the interaction in the group and become associated with the building of a group-based norm and function together to finish a task. Certainly, amid during the group interaction those group members who were got objective primed functioned together as a group and the group primed with productivity were depersonalised functioned
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