The Role Of Groupthink Through Erosion Of The Deliberative Process Within A Group

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Groupthink Why it is dangerous By: Ryan M. Kelly It is well-known that sound decision making is the foundation for any group, business or single person making every day decisions regardless of the business size and or person. There are many forces, both negative and positive, that affect the decision making process. One of great importance is the presence of groupthink. Groupthink is described as conformity, as group cohesiveness overrides individual creativeness. This idea has attracted the interest of scholars, who still to this day research its negative impact. Studies have shown groupthink compromises the integrity of the decision making environment. The compromise leads to sub-par decisions, and negatively impacts the decision making process. They further demonstrate that less than optimal decisions, when continually made, correlate directly to a group’s performance and or downfall. This paper will discuss the negative effects of groupthink through erosion of the deliberative process within a group. The decision making process/environment depends on two major factors. One of the factors considered is the information provided. The other, is the groups dynamics. This paper will show various ways in which decision making processes are faulted by groupthink. The information following will be divided into six sections, each dedicated to a different part of groupthink. The reason is to clearly show the different causes and effect of groupthink in

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