The Role Of Haute Couture Industry On The Fashion Industry

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Haute Couture has been at the forefront of the fashion industry since the Victorian period. It, therefore, has a long and distinguished history, leading the way for trends in the fashion industry. This essay will firstly outline the historical background to the development of the Haute Couture industry. Secondly, the essay will consider the role of Haute couture in the fashion industry today and in what ways it can be seen as successful, it will also discuss whether there are any defects, thirdly, the example of the Christian Dior fashion house will be used to illustrate the role of Haute Couture Some examples of particular garments will be Analysed to demonstrate this. In 1858 the father of modern Haute Couture, Charles Freclericks Worth was first to put his name on the label of clothes, he established the first couture house in Paris and was one of the first couture houses to have an understanding of what a women wanted, women loved his work because he was really good integrating movement to redefine the female shape. Before worth made his mark in haute couture, dressmakers would get ideas for garments by looking into fashion book. He opened the house of worth in 1858 and from then on couture was born. Worth attracted many important people such as the empress of France and Napolen III wife, who spent a lot of time in Worth Salon. Many of his customer would travel from around the world, just to have a Charles Freclericks Worth garment. Charles Worth has changed so much
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