The Role Of Honor Killing As A Model And Internet Sensation Essay

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Qandeel Baloch rose to fame in 2013 following her appearance on Pakistan Idol. She gained notoriety as a model and Internet sensation. Her postings drew massive followings. As her star grew, so did controversy surrounding Baloch’s social and political views. Many of her statements and fashion choices drew criticism from her detractors; including her brother. In mid-July of 2016, Baloch was found dead by her parents. Her brother Waseem Azeem admitted to her murder stating that her actions were disrespectful to the pedigree of their family in an effort to justify his actions. Honor killing is the result of narrow-mindedness passed down from generation to generation. It is very much so a global concern. The phrase “honor killing” is defined by the United Nations’ official website (2012) as the murder of a female by a family member because of shame being brought on the family due to their actions (UN Women;). In essence, honor killing is a method of inflicting punishment to a female family member who participates in activity that is otherwise prohibited by her family / culture / religion. As opposed to just being referred to as “murder”; the addition of the word “honor” is to enforce the notion that these events are linked to philosophies surrounding religion, sexism, and patriarchy. The history of honor killing can be traced back thousands of years to the Roman era; this social problem is anything but new. These acts have been mentioned in both Islamic as well as
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