The Role Of Hr Manager Serving As A Strategic Business Partner

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ABC Technology Company is a technology based company that operates in California. Currently the company has 250 employees with the opportunity to grow 100% in the next two years. Technology is a very rapid industry currently and ABC Technology Company is trying to capitalize and grow their business. Their current problems include a high turnover rate, problems with staffing and the retention of current employees. To capitalize on the future growth of the company and also eliminate or lower the problems it is currently facing, an HR plan will be created. This plan will provide an explanation and the importance of the role of the HR manager serving as a strategic business partner. Next, an assessment of what HR policies, procedures and practices are and how they influence a business will be made. Afterwards a brief but detailed description of the major disciplines of HR managers will be conducted. To tackle the problems ABC Technology Company is experiencing currently, staffing and recruitment policies, which will include the process of retention will provide a strong plan to tackle the problems. The need for compensation and benefits will be evaluated and a plan to meet this area of HR will be made and recommended. Training and talent management’s importance will be examined and a talent management plan will be suggested to support business success. Lastly, this plan will take a look at the fundamental employment and labor laws that must be in place at ABC Technology Company

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