The Role Of Human Resource And Organizational Development

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As an Employee:
In the earlier years of my career, I worked for smaller companies that didn’t have a performance management process. My positions included aspects of human resource and organizational development, but focused many on communications and marketing. Over time, I wore many hats, including recruiting, payroll, and benefits.
It was many years before I even gained an awareness that companies had formal performance management and employee development processes. My managers occasionally commented on my work, giving me a general idea of how I was doing. I received raises and promotions and assumed this meant I was at least meeting expectations. I can’t recall anyone formally discussing employee development plans with me. Many of my peers worked for much larger corporations, and they never mentioned reviews or development plans either. I believe the culture at the time was to show up, put in long hours, stay loyal to your employer, and hopefully get rewarded with continued employment and more opportunity. Job hopping was frowned upon, so people were more cautious than today to make career moves.
I was out of the workforce for many years raising a family. When I reentered the workforce, I assumed a largely human resource role at my current company, a subsidiary of a global corporation. I reported directly to the subsidiary CEO. For the first time I had mentoring with someone who was at least aware of performance and talent management, and the connection to the corporate
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