The Role Of Hurricane Katrina In New Orleans

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During the time of Hurricane Katrina, there were numerous failures from the government to provide aid to those who resided within the boundaries of New Orleans. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina became one of the deadliest hurricanes to strike North America. With over 1,500 people killed and over $100 billion in property damage, all levels of government were not prepared for and did not cooperate efficiently with one another to react to this type of natural disaster. The many government officials near the New Orleans area, all failed to provide proper assistance while the hurricane cycled through and wreaked havoc about the state. In terms of the Federal government and their response, there were unclear roles and responsibilities defined for how they all should have been prepared for a proper hurricane response. For example, when the Hurricane was…show more content…
The next day, President George Bush declared a state of emergency at the federal level. It was only after the President declared this state of emergency, that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), would be authorized to organize and gather resources to assist those in the city. The disaster demonstrated that the government was operating inefficiently. FEMA had asked for firefighters and ambulances, amongst other first responders not to make any movements until areas were mobilized by the authorities from the local areas and the state as well. In turn, the response time was drastically slowed down. They were ill prepared despite even running a simulation exercise named, “Hurricane Pam.” This simulation even had similar circumstances as Katrina, including strength, however the government failed to learn from it. The state and Federal government ran into
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