The Role Of Hypnotherapy Today 's Medicine

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The Role of Hypnotherapy in Today 's Medicine Introduction Hypnotherapy has been used in the field of medicine for the treatment of different medical conditions. Some of the evidence about the effectiveness of hypnosis is pain relief, psychological changes, and emotional disorders among others have been recorded. Hypnosis continues being useful in the field of medicine, and the users are expected to continue increasing. This paper focuses on the role of hypnosis in medicine today (Gonsalkorale, 1996). Role of hypnotherapy in medicine today Hypnotherapy is commonly used in medicine to treat some conditions such as anxiety. According to Steven, (2013), the hypnotist does not have the ability to control one’s mind or free will. However, hypnotherapy can be used to teach people how to help people master their state of an awareness thus affecting the way one’s body function and how psychologically respond. Today hypnotherapy is used by doctors to control anxiety in some patients before some medical procedures such as dental procedures. It can also be used on patients to reduce the pain and the anxiety, especially after surgery. Furthermore, hypnotherapy is used by the dentist to take control of bleeding and gagging (Whorwell, 2005). In current medicine, hypnotherapy is used to help people in weight loss and quit smoking as well. Hypnotherapy is very useful in helping people change some habits that may be affecting their life. According to Weisberg, (2008), hypnotherapy is used in

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