The Role Of Immigrants In The Twentieth Century

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Around the turn of the twentieth century, the society shifted the focus on the abandonment of socialism and the evils of capitalism. The quest to victimize the working class and rebut the idea of Social Darwinism. This new era focuses on the attempt to pursue the American Dream. Although, the wage slavery and the oppression of capitalism, shatter’s every aspect of their lives. Ona Lukosazaite and Jurgis Rudkus, were two Lithuanian immigrants who recently arrived in Chicago, to marry. This courageous new beginning symbolizes the explore of immigrants in America. The idea that America provides a new beginning for those that work hard and yield the hope to succeed. While, it rebuts the idea of America and the hope for a new life. This period of…show more content…
They seem to be learning more about the fooling company that they were headed into. Grandmother Majauszkiene explained it as “it was sickening, like a nightmare, in which suddenly something gives way beneath you, and you feel yourself sinking, sinking, down into bottomless abysses” (Sinclair 51). The family was struck with illness because of the harsh conditions of the city and weather conditions. There was no help offered; no person to hear them cry out; no mercy. Ona and Jurgis life became a test for resistance from the tortures of being homeless and famished. Jurgis was suffering from hours being cut back and Marija’s factory shuts down. The optimism that Jurgis came to American with was dwindling down and reminded him of his misguided views of what America was. Jurgis was doing all he could do to afford a life in America for his family. Jurgis became a U.S. citizen through attending night school to learn English. Once becoming a citizen, Jurgis was told he could register to vote. “Jurgis felt quite proud of his good luck until he got home and let Jonas, who had taken the leader aside and whispered to him, offering to vote three times for four dollars, which offered had been accepted” (Sinclair 67). Jurgis was once again involved in another scam by accepting to be in the union. Little by little, Jurgis becomes to realize the corrupt world of being an immigrant in America. For the first time, he saw America censuring capitalism in which is damaging his
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