The Role Of Inefficiency Of Medical Care

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Discussion Case #1 Raymond, a 78-year-old man living in a motel, is found by the housekeeper lying on the floor of his room, semiconscious. The motel manager calls 911, and Raymond is taken to the closest emergency room, where he lies on a gurney in the hallway for 6 hours before a physician examines him. Because it is unclear what is wrong with him and he cannot speak coherently, the physician admits him to the hospital for observation. Later, when it is determined that he had suffered a stroke; he is discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility that has no knowledge of his medical history including his current medications for hypertension and high cholesterol. He dies there several weeks later. 1. Identify the source(s) of inefficiency of medical care. The first source of inefficiency in this case is that the patient was admitted to observation. The patient would be on Medicare and if he is admitted to observation, then to a rehabilitation center it will cost more. The patient should have been admitted to the hospital first as an inpatient, preferably in the ICU, because the patient was unable to communicate (Barry, 2012). When the condition of stroke was determined the patient needs to stay in the ICU, until stable, before going to a rehabilitation center. Rehabilitation will not do any good until the patient is well enough to be able to rehabilitate. If the patient is not stable enough, to be moved then this would cause a readmission, which would cost more money.
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