The Role Of Information Technology On The New World Of Business

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I. Background:

Organizations nowadays are performing in the era of global business networking where Information Technology played a huge role in evolving the way business is done. Organizations’ managers should adopt their management style to the new world of business that has been impacted by the role of information technology infrastructure. Managers should be more creative when they coordinate, plan, command and control their organization. Pervious theories in management, such as Principles of Management by Fayol and Scientific Management by Taylor, have been considered revolutionarily at their time. However, in our days these theories are considered as common sense.

For example, Fayol pointed that in order for managers to manage their organization more effectively; they need to implement 14th principles such as division of work, unity of command, unity of direction, stability, initiative and line of authority. Also, Fayol pointed that each manager should include in his or her style of management six functions to guide the relationship between managers and employees. These functions are known as forecasting, planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling.
Even though his ideas cover the base of management concept, managers nowadays doesn’t implement it to the full extent. Either, for the lacking of management recourses in their organizations or the nature of their organizations don’t help them to do so.

Additionally, Frederick…
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