The Role Of Innovation For Firm Growth

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The role of innovation for firm growth

The aim of this report is to explore the role of Innovation for firm growth. This will be carried out by examining the current literature surrounding innovation and firm growth and choosing articles from relevant journals which are appropriate to the aim. Rather than conducting a brief analysis of several articles, this report will instead make one highly relevant article the focus and will contrast its findings and methods with other research papers in an attempt to add to or challenge the article.
The article in question is titled Firm growth and innovation: Towards a typology of innovation strategy by Vasco Eiriz, Ana Faria and Natália BarBosa and was published in Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice on Volume 15, Issue 1, March 201398. This article was chosen because the authors are prolific writers on innovation and entrepreneurship with over twenty articles between them and have been cited hundreds of times. Additionally, the article in question is recent and covers many of the traditional and emerging theories of innovation and firm growth and so serves as a review on the current state of literature on the topic. Furthermore the article proposes a novel idea, that the stage of the firm in the growth cycle is a highly relevant factor in determining what type of innovation should be used.
The aim of this article is to increase insight of how a firm’s innovation strategy explore different innovations strategies In firms of
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