The Role Of Instructional Leader Is Complex And Ever Changing.

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The role of Instructional Leader is complex and ever changing. The Florida Department of Education has a set of standards to outline the expectations of school principals. This paper will address these standards with a focus on organizational skills and manage the operations and resources of a school facility. There are two talking points. The first point focuses on the importance for principals to possess organizational and management skills. The second point is a summary of a sampling of resources for principals and those seeking a principalship. This paper is intended to be informational but not inclusive.
Talking Point #1 Instructional leaders are responsible for every aspect of running
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A school leader that does not possess organizational skills of time or tasks will have a more difficult time getting staff members to participate in school projects. The principal will not have the needed support of his or her faculty or parents to assure a productive school environment. I witnessed this happen with an Assistant Principal. She was tasked with planning and preparing a parent informational event. She waited until the week prior to the event date to begin preparing materials. When she realized that she would be unable to organize all of the materials needed, she began to delegate tasks to other members of the leadership team. The time frame was so short that the leadership team members were unable to thoroughly complete the given tasks, even with only having to gather portions of the needed materials. This caused undue stress among the team and a loss in credibility for the Assistant Principal. The survey at the end of the event revealed the lack of interest and satisfaction from parents as well.
Establishing Appropriate Deadlines The importance of establishing appropriate deadlines with him/herself and the entire organization as an instructional leader. The current educational environment is inundated with deadlines. There are administrative deadlines from the state and district. Teachers have deadlines established by
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