The Role Of Internal And External Stakeholder Engagement

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Comparability: Johnson & Johnson is one of largest health care company that recognized the importance of internal and external stakeholder engagement. According to their website “We believe that business is strengthened by the level of engagement it has within the communities in which it lives and operates, as well as the various internal and external stakeholders in social, environmental and governance matters” (Johnson & Johnson. Sustainability Report. Pp.63). Moreover, Johnson & Johnson is mainly fostering its external manufactures, suppliers, customer, employees and shareholders, never the less, engaging with the leaders of the society as well as government, and non-government organizations. Balance: Johnson & Johnson considers…show more content…
Some of these issues include product quality and safety, global health, access to medicine and transparency. Our findings have contributed to how we have structured this year’s report.” (Johnson & Johnson. Sustainability Report. Pp.63). On the other hand, the company provides external stakeholders with several different efficient feedback methods, such as direct contact, feedback forms, email, social networking sites, conventional mail, website links, customer surveys, market research, and customer call centers, as well as each business has a website with contact information that relates to the Corporate website. On the other hand, Johnson & Johnson is positively adding value to the economic growth by its job creation, because a higher level of employment leads to a higher consumption, which generates more output of goods or services been produced in the economy, that leads to higher gross domestic products per capita, and greater tax revenue for government. According to Johnson & Johnson Sustainability report “In 2013, Johnson & Johnson spent $3.6 billion on additions to property, plant and equipment, a portion of which is related to job creation.” (Johnson & Johnson. Sustainability Report. Pp.63). Additionally, the company is committed to working with small businesses, and diverse suppliers that support their
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