The Role Of Interpersonal Communication Skills For Development And The Process

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The limitation of this intervention is the contextualisation of the method of collecting data for the report. Although Collaborative Communication Competence Scale (CCCS) could gave me the result of my communication problems, but it did not provide satisfactory understanding or clarify the reason why they thought that I needed to practice those skills. As Purhonen, Rouhiainen-Neunhäuserer and Valkonen (2010) explained that ‘this kind of measurement seemed to be influenced by the cultural, individual and relationships specific factors such as the variety of communication goals or shared experiences of the interviewees in the given relationships’.
The results above show that 80 per cent of people agree that I do not listen when I do not agree with what I am hearing, while others think I cannot manage conflicts. As a result, the main issues which I am facing right now are emotion control, self-disclosure, manage conflicts and listening skills. The intervention report aimed to explore and describe the interpersonal communication skill for development and the process. Furthermore, this report attempted to measure the interpersonal communication competences of myself with other people. I interviewed six people from the last assignment, and finally I received feedback from them. As a result, I decided to improve my listening skill and have a proper plan to increase the use of effective listening skills, as well as managing conflicts. It has been urged by Stewart…
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