The Role Of Kantorek In All Quiet On The Western Front

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In All Quiet On the Western Front, Remarque shows the division between all other groups of people and the soldiers. Kantorek pressures the boys to enlist (quote and better phrasing) and the boys are bitter for being forced into this situation by, “a thousand Kantoreks”(12). Kantorek is a symbol for all authority that existed in the boys’ lives; teachers, parents, and adults. He abused the power that came with his honorable position of a professor by using his influence to force his students into the army. Kantorek’s resolution is a use of irony as he was forced into the same position he was trying to force on others. Corporal Himmelstoss is another example of the misuse of control the war ran rampant with. He runs mad with power and uses unorthodox
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