The Role Of Labor Unions Within The United States

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Increased Role of U.S. Labor Unions James Forst American Public University System Professor Latanya Hughes Human Resource Management- HRMT 407 February 16, 2016 Abstract This paper will explore the role of labor unions within the Unites States. The effectiveness of Unions and how they are important for the stability of the American economy. Unions provide many benefits to employees due to the working relationship with management and politicians in the U.S Congress. Some of the benefits that provided by unions are, paid vacations, pensions, an 8 hour work day with breaks and social security benefits. Unions are continually fighting with politicians and the State Government for better benefits. Will discuss the role of HRM’s employee relations within the organizations and what role the government should play. Increased Role of U.S. Labor Unions In the United States unions have impacted the workforce by creating better benefits for all works. Unions work to improve the working conditions in the workplace by working with the organization to make sure they are following the labor laws of the State and Federal Government. Labor unions date back to the eighteenth century and the industrial revolution in Europe. (Union Plus, n.d.) Unions exploded in the United States around the nineteenth century with the founding of the National Labor Union (NLU) in 1866. (Union Plus, n.d.) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015 the overall union
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