The Role Of Language In English Language

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In this essay, I will explain how the language spoken in the family plays a significant role in shaping the language of a child. I agree with this claim because if a child can learn their main language and English at an early age, it can help the child academically. This is because a child can get help in both the school and home settings without a huge struggle. This influence could be either have a positive or negative impact, depending on the child.
I feel this way because I saw what happened to a Spanish-speaking boy, he was deeply struggling since his teacher didn’t know how to speak English and his parents couldn’t understand any English. Therefore, this little boy, who was only in first grade was unfortunately failing. On the other hand, I have seen a Spanish-speaking boy succeed in school when he learned his native language and English by the age of four, this is because he knew what the teacher was talking about and he knew how to speak and read English because his parents taught him. In the first case, it was a negative impact for the little boy but in the second example the little boy had a positive impact on his academic and social life because he had learned both languages early on in life. I did not really have much of a struggle in school because of language. However, I did have struggles making friends because of a language barrier. Some of the students in my classes at middle school didn’t speak English very well so it was kind of hard to understand them
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