The Role Of Large Corporations Under Repressive Regimes

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Subject : Corporation in the process of transitional justice
What is the role of large corporations under repressive regime? Do they engage in criminal activities? If yes, how should they be included in a process of transitional justice?
The first part of the work including the definitions and the concepts used is largely based on the reading of the book corporate accountability in the context of transitional justice published by Sabine Michalowski.
The purpose of this work is to establish the links between the business world and transitional justice mechanisms. My purpose is more specifically to link the potential crimes perpetrated by corporations and the transitional justice mechanisms. This work does not link the
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However, in many cases the responsibility of individuals is related to the collective responsibility of a group or an organization other than the state. The objective of this work is to try to connect the role of businesses and transitional justice mechanisms. The question is twofold: When must businesses be held responsible for their actions under repressive regimes? In these cases, which mechanisms of transitional justice apply to the collective responsibility of businesses?
Corporation are very diverse in size and ownership, in order to facilitate this work we will focus on large companies, in many cases multinational, which have varying degrees participated in crimes committed by authoritarian regimes. We return to the various levels of participation further into the work, but there are four levels of participation as defined by Massarini (2005): 1) Joint criminal enterprise; 2) Business conspiracy to violence; 3) Business instigation of violence with acknowledgement of outcome; 4) Profiting from dirty situations.
Definitions and conceptualization
It is now necessary to better define the concept of collective responsibility and understand how it is linked to the concept of individual responsibility. Responsibility for corporation can be defined as the accountability. Accountability is the obligation to answer for one’s actions, especially in cases in which they are wrong, whether legally or morally. In this concept of accountability, torts or
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