The Role Of Leaders And The Type Of Leadership

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What is the Topic? As one can infer from the chapter’s title, this chapter is concerned about leaders. Before we go further, it should be noticed that leaders aren’t to be mistaken with managers. As mentioned in the book, they do possess distinct differences between each other. For a leader, they are hands on with their employees and work towards the goal or vision of the company. For a manager, they’re typically concerned with day to day operations and looking over the employees. Back to leaders specifically. Asides going into depth about what a leader does and is concerned with. The chapter is more concerned with the attributes of leaders and the type of leadership there are. Unlike managers whose demographics are more of a mix between…show more content…
The leader works as key focal point for that group, a focusing and inspiring employees. It shifts them from thinking oh great here’s my list of things to do, to alright let’s do this. Leaders are exceptionally useful for cases like these, doing best with groups. Utilizing leaders to improve worker satisfaction and promote productivity, leaders are a key component to many companies. What Is the Challenge Here? Unfortunately, leaders are more often born than made. Leaders usually have specific traits and characteristics to them, like the ones mentioned earlier. These traits of a leader are typically a part of that person’s personality, it’s very difficult to change a person’s personality. As such, when it comes to creating leaders it is a great challenge and overtaking. That said, a person can become a leader with enough effort taken. How much effort and the results given, however can vary wildly. So, asides creating leaders, we can simply find the natural born leaders. The hard part to that though is how exactly do we find them? Let’s assume we find a leader, now the leader has the challenge of leading. This person has to lead and inspire a few to many employees. Something that is far easier said than done. How Does Your Company Handle this Topic? In order to accomplish their vision of building products that contribute to the world. Ford emphasizes leadership and developing the leadership skills of their
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