The Role Of Leadership Of The Institution

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Involvement of Junior Employees
There is a need to look at the leadership of the institution to ensure that all the departmental leaders are providing an active leadership. Firstly, the leadership of the institution should embark of a fact-finding mission that will involve all their junior employees. All the suggestions should permanent platform where all the junior employees will be allowed to air their concerns and discuss issues concerning the operation of the institution. In addition, such employees should be allowed to participate in suggesting solutions to the problems. This idea should be implemented in three phases, each involving a particular group of employees working in the same hierarchy. Firstly, the top management should share the idea. At this level, the focus will be how the junior employees can be involved without necessarily breaking the chain of command. The management will also provide the guidelines for the implementation of the strategy. The second level of employees to be considers is the departmental leadership. AS workshop meant for that job group will be held, where the employees will not only be informed on how to involve their junior but also the benefits of embracing the idea. The third step is to inform the junior employees of the changes and encouraging them to participate fully in the strategy. At this level, junior employees will be informed on the procedures that should be followed while contributing.
The school should…
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