The Role Of Lgbtq Characters On Our Self Chosen Identities And Sexual Orientations Essay

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Streaming media (i.e. any electronic device that can access the Internet to view and download content) can help us understand why a popular culture trend is important to a particular culture and how it affects the rest of society. Thus, I will be looking at the importance of LGBTQ characters by using the ethnography of communication perspective. LGBTQ stands for: lesbian (females sexually attracted to females); gay (males sexually attracted to males); bisexual (males/females sexually attracted to both genders); transgender (persons breaking society’s gender norms by defying rigid distinction between male and female); and, queer/questioning (persons exploring options to understand their sexual orientation and gender) (Brym & Lie, 2015). Ethnography of communication is a discourse that investigates how we would react to each other’s dissimilar social and cultural practices and beliefs within a particular culture (Duranti, 1985). LGBTQ characters impacts our confidence in our self-chosen identities and sexual orientations because the characters’ experiences can empower us to dissuade others from controlling our lives and taking away our rights. This discourse analysis will have four components. First, I will discuss why others would use the status quo to evaluate this trend in societal structures such as the criminal justice and health care systems. Next, I will be using speakproductions’ (2013) uploaded music video, ‘Define Me’, to argue how the criminal justice and health
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