The Role Of Liberal Values At The International Level

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4. By using its influence to diminish the role of liberal values at the international level
As China is becoming a global power today, China’s views on liberal values are gaining a greater share in the global marketplace of ideas negatively affects America’s national interests, since its growing power and the example of its development could have considerable ideological influence upon other countries.
China’s economic rising power has deflected international criticism of its records of democratization and human rights. Human rights issues have indeed been given less importance during high level official visits. Today, the U.S. president seldom directly demands the release of Chinese political and religious dissidents. Under such circumstance, the United States and China are competing directly for impact upon shaping the international rules and norms. China has been highly supporting recent initiatives such as the G20, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the New Development Bank of the BRICS countries, and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, in which Western governments play a significantly smaller role than in longer-existing institutions, such as WTO, NATO, etc.
In addition to that, as I have argued before, although China does not fight against liberal democracy with a counter-ideology, it does approach the potential norm of promoting liberal democratic values with the norm of international diversity.
The concept of international diversity is that
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