The Role Of Life In Maus By Art Spiegelman

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The Holocaust happened during World War II; it was the mass murder of hundreds of European Jews by the Nazis. There was group called the Nazis that tortured many of the Jews. The Nazis became very powerful over the Jews in 1933. The Jewish population was over nine million in 1933. Jews lived in countries that the Nazis controlled during World War II. The Germans killed almost two out of three European Jews due to the “Final Solution”. The National Socialist government established concentration camps to watch the Jews and later deport them out of the country. Between 1941 and 1944, the Germans deported millions of the Jews from Germany to killing centers also called “extermination camps”, where they were killed in the gassing chambers. Many survivors of the Holocaust wrote a book about how life during this time period was for them , and what type of experiences they had.The book Maus was wrote by Art Spiegelman to inform many readers of how life was for his father during the Holocaust. There were many issues in politics throughout this book.
Communism was a major issue in politics, Spiegelman describes a lot of communism in his book. For example,“ The Germans intend to make an example of them.” (Spiegelman, #83) “Many of the Jews did not survive in the gas chambers at the death camps”.“Anja and Vladek were brought to the Auschwitz, a Nazi concentration camp”. These were some of the examples used in Maus. The Jews were treated very unfairly by the Germans and they really
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