The Role Of Luftwaffe In Germany 10, 1940-1940

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July 10, 1940 - October 31, 1940 Between the German airforce, Luftwaffe, and Britain’s Royal Airforce. The German Airforce, Luftwaffe, dropped mines throughout Britain. Eagle day, occurring on August 13 was the day that Luftwaffe ordered a series of attacks on British coastal airfields During the battle, “Black Thursday” on August 15 Germany lost 75 aircrafts and the Royal Airforce lost 30. The Luftwaffe targeted airfields and aircraft factories On August 20 British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, gave his famous speech to British Parliament Churchill insisted that Britain never surrender to the Axis Powers Later in the battle, Luftwaffe bombed big cities, such as London, Coventry, and Plymouth and residential areas throughout Britain.
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