The Role Of Male Influences On Children

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History An observation was performed through an old grade school friend named Stacie who is now married with two children. She has a daughter Mia, a nine-year-old fourth grader and a 23-month-old son named Brady. When Mia was around four years of age, she was very defiant and was showing the behavioral effects of being raised by a single parent. At approximately six years of age, she grew out of the rebellious stage, which was coincidentally when Stacie met her future husband, Erik. Mia responded well to Erik now idealizes him as a father figure. After Stacie and Erik married, she became pregnant with Brady. Mia responded well to the pregnancy and was excited to learn that the baby was going to be a boy. Mia’s behavior has improved significantly with the presence of male influences in her environment.
Brady was born normal and presents a good relationship with both Stacie and Erik. However, Brady has displayed some behavior issues at his daycare. The staff at the center reported that he has been frequently biting other toddlers and has often been sent home. One of the employees at the daycare has stated that Brady bites when he has trouble communicating or expressing emotion. They have since implemented teaching him sign language in order to build his confidence, and he is displaying improvements.
There has been a considerable amount of time since the last visit with Mia, which made “observing” challenging. She wanted to interact and was indicating that she
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