The Role Of Male Teachers And Academic And. Behavioral Performance Of Boys

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Examining Male Teachers and Their Potential to Increase the Academic and Behavioral Performances of Boys in School Teacher Inquiry Project: A Pilot Study Joe R. De Rieux Pacific University Spring/Fall 2015

Abstract Elementary education is a field that is abundant with female teachers. The disparity between the number of male teachers and the number of female teachers is actually increasing and is arguably as disparate as nearly any field of employment in the American workforce. While this does not automatically, nor necessarily, mean that having more men in the field will increase academic and behavioral performance of boys, it is most certainly worth a look. This research study is of the view that having more males in the teaching workforce does increase some students’ performance. This is not because males are better teachers than females. It is seemingly, in part, because there are more and more boys who are raised by single mothers than ever before and many are missing strong and caring male role models. It was also found that boys who struggle in school sometimes connect better with teachers that share the same gender, interests, customs, and more. The purpose of
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