The Role Of Managers Is Vital

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The role of managers is vital because it is a manager’s responsibility to plan, develop, and implement strategies that will be profitable for the organization. A plan is less effective if there is not a strategy implemented within it. Knowing how to allocate resources and responsibilities among people and divisions within the organization is a very vital part of the manager’s job.
To being an effective leader one must first understand the mission and goal of the company. A leader is a person who commands, guides, or directs a group or organization. A successful leader has outstanding communication and people management skills which will connect and motivate a group of people to work together to accomplish a shared goal. As a leader one must overcome separateness or have the potential to be bold and controversial without being afraid of disapproval from their peers. Most people do not understand that there is a difference between a leader and a person in a leadership position, which creates a negative opinion regarding people in management. A leader is specifically a person, whereas, leadership is a method by which a person influences others to accomplish a common goal. When attempting to identify leadership qualities within a manager, one should seek if the candidate challenges the status quo, develop visions and set direction among the people, and motivate and inspire the people to work hard and efficiently to accomplish the goal. These leadership skills can be…

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