The Role Of Marketing And Human Resources

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Culture is the indication of the attitudes and values that an individual holds to adapt to the organisational way of life, providing organisations with the different norms of behaviour into their working life. In the context of culture, strategy can be used to define the ways of acting among the cultural environment where strategic planning comes about to create value for an organisation. The central theme in an organisation should be the framework of developing the most suitable cultural norms and managing corporate strategies to better generate value and an edge to a firm as well as evaluating the performance of the organisation. The core relationship of culture and its strategies used in a firm are the most vital associations behind the measures of an organisation. To further enhance the knowledge and understanding of this fundamental involvement of marketing and human resources brings forth the attempt to differentiate and shaping what firms are today comprised of these components. An organisation must be able to recognise the importance of different cultural perspectives amongst the individuals in the organisation to better understand what new strategies can be implemented to provide for a stronger management system. ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ suggests that without an understanding of the organisation’s culture, no strategic plan will be successful with a poor cultural context. The literature of culture is the core foundation in an organisation; the

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